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Designer Sonia Falcone is turning the tide in the fashion World with the launch of her debut collection.

Artist and globe-trotter Sonia Falcone is most inspired by the majesty of nature she has experienced throughout her life while living in diverse places, including Bolivia, Argentina, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Baja California and Arizona. These adventures have impacted Falcone greatly, affording her impactful experiences with nature and a unique perspective that continues to shape her creations today.

“My parents would allow my brothers and sisters to swim in rivers, run in the fields, climb trees, observe the different colors, shapes and the miracle of life all around me” she says.

Falcone initially began depicting her love for the natural world through painting, photography and sculpture. Recently, though, the creator has expanded her artistic repertoire to a “wearable canvas”

Now a designer, Falcone debuted her first collection Cabo Chic AMA Designs by Sonia Falcone, just months ago. The inspiration for her collection, created during the pandemic, came when Falcone saw the plight of a group of unemployed seamstresses from Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. She created the line to generate a source of employment for those people.

Her line consists of comfortable, feminine kaftans, blouses, shorts, and cover-ups, created in natural materials including cotton, linen and silk. Thoughtful accessories include sea motif-themed, hand-painted hats and a line of sophisticated bags, wallets and card holders orchestrated in leather and boasting shimmering silvery sea imagery.

“I was enthralled by the colors, contrasts, symmetries and treasures of the deep waters of the Sea of Cortez”, Falcone says of her design inspiration.

The designer´s love for nature extends far beyond inspiration for her creations as she´s also helping to preserve the places she enjoys so much.  Approximately 20% of proceeds from her line of clothing and accessories goes to the efforts of both AMA Saving the Oceans Foundation and The San Jose Down Syndrome Center.

“Fashion or art can be very shallow if we forget that the world needs our help” says Falcone, noting the proceeds also benefit several other organizations supporting firefighters, pólice officers, orphanages and the elderly.

Falcone´s designs can currently be purchased at Wardrobe Apparel at Scottsdale Fashion Square,, Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Sax at Las Palmillas Shoppes and Puerto Paraiso, with plans to offer items online and on instagram soon.
In November 2020, she also launched a line of colorful and traditional wedding dresses made from lace, cotton, taffeta guipure, tulle, and silk, which will also be available on her website soon.